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India's e-auction system criticized by tea trade body

September 2016

Not impressed with the performance

Pan-India electronic tea auction system may still have issues to iron out since its launch in July, at least according to Indian Tea Association, which claims the system is plagued by payment reconciliation issues and has thus far failed to deliver on its goal of realizing better prices for the commodity. Specifically, the board criticized the failure of the payment settlement system to interact with auction organizers and participants, leading to mismatches between tea deliveries and invoicing and a delay in clearing payments. Also, brokers and sellers are reportedly unable to reconcile tax invoices and correctly account for factors such as weight, tax and other order details when accepting purchases.

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Unrest in Kashmir region hits Assam industry

September 2016
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Kenya's orthodox tea exports affected by low oil prices

New breed of entrepreneurs out to revive Taiwan's high-end tea

British tea culture booming in China and Hong Kong

Chinese Pu Erh fetches its weight in silver

Rating others' tea proves a viral hit with Rate My Tea

Tetley's report looks into the future of tea

British millennials ditch traditional brew for green and herbal

Long strikes lead to missed output target in Kenya

Sydney festival reveals Australia's budding specialty tea scene

Assam debuts cultivation of Japanese teas

Rwanda's annual tea exports reach $70 million

Darjeeling gardens seek Nepalese import curbs to stem losses

Rooibos popularity booming in South Africa and abroad

Kenyan estate owners offer concessions to bridge salary divide

Yields and flavor become major casualties of evolving climate

Tea tourism helps lift fortunes in rural China

Kenyan workers strike due to wage dispute and automation worries

Producing nations reassess export strategies after Brexit vote

Kenya mulls tea futures contracts to stabilize prices

South Carolina reclaims world record iced tea brew

Nepal tea increasingly competitive versus Darjeeling

India urged to drop auction quotas and adopt minimum price

Tea Journey magazine reaches crowdfunding goal

India braces for big output fall due to adverse weather

India trialing 'e-nose' device to detect pesticides in tea

Auctions of Darjeeling tea move online

Sri Lanka mulling import liberalization to boost blending

Taiwan's high mountain farms being phased out by government

Kenya in tea tax review to boost local industry

Western buyers shun Nepali tea over anthraquenone fears

Study signals breakthrough in crop and harvest management

Dubai announces new tea brand to test local taste preferences

China warming up to online tea retail

Garden closures challenge industry's sustainability in India

Stocks of Indian tea companies rally on higher CTC prices

Market report highlights focus on provenance in hot tea sector

US tea growers finding their niche within specialty tea

Industry veteran Bolton to crowdfund for new magazine

Kenya to promote specialty tea in bid to increase earnings

Low rainfall to affect output of first flush Darjeelings

Pittsburgh holds first Winter Tea Festival

World Tea Expo back in Las Vegas with focus on business

Survey highlights drop in UK's tea intake

Kenya's tea industry posts healthy rise in annual revenue

Russian tea plantations struggling to survive

India updates Plant Code to promote safe pest control

Kenya's auction urged to automate for greater transparency

Report expects tea menus to lift restaurant sales

Indian growers upbeat about 2016 as export volumes rise

Indonesia's output in freefall following droughts

Coffee industry drums up interest in coffee cherry tea

Indian producers pushed towards mechanization to keep costs down

Rooibos output to plummet as South Africa faces droughts

Fitch highlights worsening prospects for Sri Lankan tea industry

Netherlands officially endorses tea in new health guidelines

Sri Lanka starts auction tea purchases to stabilize prices

High taxes blamed for dampening Kenya's global competitiveness

ITMA certification supports budding tea expert industry

Global ready to drink market to expand rapidly

Rising production costs dampen India's exports

Bartenders warm up to versatility of tea-infused spirits

TPP expected to ease trade barriers for tea

Chinese businesses turn to innovation to combat declining sales

Taiwan launches cloud traceability system for local tea

San Francisco hosts 4th annual International Tea Festival

Kombucha makers warned over alcohol content and health claims

Europe snaps up more Darjeeling tea as new rules kick in

Study finds tea time indicative of social variables

India explores high-tech tea plantation methods

BBC blasts conditions at Twinings, Tetley and Harrods suppliers

Vietnam's exports down on struggles with quality and competition

Scientists investigate varieties that can defy climate change

Report details potential of matcha, predicts rapid sales growth

Tea's beauty and wellness impact hailed by Vogue

NASA to provide soil moisture information to growers

Britain ditching traditional black tea at alarming rate

Kenyan factory switching to greener tea drying to save forests

Untapped potential of China's premium RTD tea market

Restaurants adding tea sommeliers to bolster tea offer

LED lighting tested for indoor tea cultivation

Sri Lanka welcomes end of sanctions on Iran

Nepali orthodox tea given collective trademark

Darjeeling's annual output may dip by 10% on heavy rains

Kenya dry spell offers respite for Indian producers

Study finds Chinese tea culture at least 6,000 years old

Kenyan tea manufacturers in the red on global oversupply

Western restaurateurs experimenting with whiskey and tea

Tea may be credible alternative to alcohol, says Mintel

Global black tea production falls by 11% in 2015

Researchers uncover UK's oldest tea leaves dating back 300 years

EU recommends benchmark for safe caffeine intake

Report urges benefit sharing with rooibos growers in RSA

Kangra tea to receive European Geographical Indication status

Single-serve tea capsule market continues upward trend

Bottled teas expand to cover kids and sports drinks

Hawaii becoming hotbed of US specialty tea

Climate change putting strain on plantations in Assam

Euromonitor highlights new trend of iced tea juice mixes

Taiwan launches cloud-based tea traceability system

Carbonated iced tea is latest craze in bars and cafes

Steven Smith, co-founder of Tazo and Stash, passes away at 65

Lack of rainfall threatens first-flush harvest in Darjeeling

University study highlights poor tea brewing habits

Kenya bets on purple varietal to crack premium market

Annual growth of global tea industry slowing to 5.8%

Kenyan farms scale down operations as drought cuts output

Mushroom tea finds a following in health food stores

Coffee leaf tea may be the next big craze

Poll finds American millennials shifting from coffee to tea

UAE to host sixth International Coffee & Tea Festival

Specialty retailers question Fairtrade model as UK sales slide

Low regional demand cuts India's 2014 exports by 8%

Assam tea industry urged to step up production

Small farmers key to India going organic

Dry weather in Kenya may bring relief to producers in India

World Tea Expo announces business education agenda for May event

Turkey's powerhouse status at risk from evolving climate

India introduces mandatory tea auction quotas

India's output drops by 10% in November on low Assam pluckings

Twinings closes in on PG Tips as Brits turn to herbals & greens

Austerity blamed for tumbling sales of high-end tea in China

Plant Protection Code kicks off in India

Darjeeling tea threatened by imitations from Nepal

US RTD market poised for continued growth

International Coffee & Tea Festival draws crowds in UAE

Lack of added value blamed for declining output in Indonesia

Vietnam's tea exports to reach $245m by year-end

Ottawa gears up for 4th Tea Festival

McLeod Russel predicts price rebound in 2015

US supermarket tea sales expanded by nearly 6% in 2013

Facing price drop, Kenya's farmers threaten to uproot

San Francisco hosts 3rd International Tea Festival

Sri Lankan planters want plucking quota increase to reduce costs

Prices of Pu Erh rise in China as number of collectors grows

Supermarket teabags beat specialty rivals in UK consumer report

Tea made in Germany and US refused entry into Russia

Supply of pu'er unaffected by quake, but output dwindling

Agreement on minimum wage sought for tea workers in India

Small growers in India seek minimum price for picked leaves

UNICEF and tea industry tackle youth exploitation in India

Kenya's small farmers see annual revenue tumble by a quarter

Effects of climate change on crop quality and taste investigated

Popularity of tea cocktails growing in bars across the US

US tea market quadruples in 20 years as imports soar by 70%

India defers industry-wide plant protection code to January

New bid to automate tea auctions in Kenya

US tea market to hit $25bn in 2014

Nepalese tea gives Darjeeling growers a run for their money

Malnutrition deaths highlight exploitation in India's gardens

Darjeeling prices plummet on low demand at home and abroad

Pyramid teabags offer better infusion, rules UK ad watchdog

South African rooibos granted EU Geographical Indication status

Crisis brewing in South India over falling tea prices

Project targets living wages for tea farmers in Malawi

Founder of World Tea Expo transitions to marijuana publishing

Study finds Fair Trade farmers worse off than counterparts

North American Tea Championship names iced tea winners

Burma's growers at risk from Chinese imports, labor shortage

Nominees of inaugural World Tea Awards announced

Rains raise hopes of minimizing crop damage in Darjeeling

Lack of rainfall puts increasing pressure on India's growers

Rising pu'er prices threaten old tea trees in China

US coffee and tea industry split between independents and chains

Optimism surrounds Rwanda's booming tea industry

France rediscovering tea and forming new tea identity

Tea industry must meet sustainability challenges, experts say

Dubai remains global tea trade hub despite lagging innovation

First flush Darjeeling teas threatened by lack of rainfall

China's fine tea producers hit by anti-extravagance crackdown

Tetra Pak VP calls to rethink added sweeteners in iced tea

Bumper year for RTD tea in convenience channel

Warnings of overexploitation for South Africa's Honeybush

EU to relax curbs on imports of Japanese tea

Key players set out sustainability goals for 2030

World Bank investigating worker abuse at Tata plantations

World Tea Expo announces next event in May

Report notes international opportunities in global tea market

Sri Lanka confirms record tea production and earnings in 2013

EU to source more Darjeeling tea as new standards kick in

Kenya's tea industry urged to increase women's role

Turkey tops global tea consumption list, US far behind

Low output growth across India may drive up prices in 2014

Aging populations to boost demand for tea polyphenols

Competition and health awareness to power US RTD tea market

Popularity of Japanese green tea growing in the US

Assam tea making inroads in China

India leads growth in global black tea output

Specialty tea among top beverage trends of 2014

Euromonitor serves up top beverage trends for the Americas

Price jump for rooibos announced following lower yields

Latest winners of North American Tea Championship announced

Financial troubles loom for Kenyan farmers as tea prices plummet

Rare oolong headlines Hong Kong's first tea auction

Assam growers accused of violating food safety norms

International Coffee & Tea Festival starts in Dubai

China's Yunnan province diversifies into coffee as demand grows

Sri Lanka sets ambitious export goal

India's tea output likely to grow by 5% in 2013

Price of Darjeeling tea drops on quality and political concerns

Antique tea brick fetches record $1.2 million in China

World Tea Expo relocates to California in 2014

Climate change eroding yields and quality in Assam

Kenyan county bans tea plucking machines to save jobs

FDA seeks science-based approach to caffeine limits

North American Tea Conference to be held next month in Bermuda

Heat wave threatens next year's harvest in parts of China

Interest in tea brewing in Detroit

Darjeeling tea industry faces shutdown due to political strikes

Global black tea production up almost 10% in first half of 2013

UK supermarkets review tea blends following fluoride study

Zero-calorie and unsweetened iced teas gaining ground in the US

Excessive levels of fluoride found in budget supermarket teas

Iran's tea harvests plagued by mismanagement and droughts

Egypt's political unrest places Kenyan exporters under pressure

Indians priced out of Darjeeling tea as rupee's value slides

India to unveil sustainability standards for tea industry

Fujian crowned top tea producing province in China

Global black tea production surges in 2013

NYC anti-obesity ads target sweetened teas and sports drinks

Foodservice and retailers shifting focus from coffee to tea

Sri Lanka working to boost image of Ceylon tea

International Tea Convention to be held in Yunnan next week

Tea connoisseurs gather in Japan for global festival

Darjeeling tea attracts interest from China

Sri Lanka reports jump in output across the board

US tea industry readies for World Tea Expo

Mozambique seeks India's help to revive tea industry

Report finds sustainability programs fail to eradicate low wages

FDA probe into safety of added caffeine in foods

Annual earnings from tea exports up by 20% in India

Britain issues new standards to correctly brew a cuppa

Support for Fairtrade fading as major tea grower pulls out

Study confirms that Brits remain crazy about tea

Local tea industry hit by quake in Ya'an, China

Chief of McLeod Russel warns of effects of climate change

South Africa's offensive to protect rooibos brand

Kenya's growers upbeat on surging demand from Lipton

Prices of Chinese teas drop after government's austerity drive

After Assam, Darjeeling now bracing for poor rainfall

Region of Assam hit by lack of rain

Salmonella fears prompt Canada to recall tea products

French company tries to trademark the word rooibos

Kenya diversifies export markets to drive growth

Political crisis in Darjeeling may impact first flush production

India's annual tea production exceeds 1bn kilograms

Tea industry's 100 most followed Twitter accounts

New tea body hints at global tea cartel

Producing nations address tea safety and awareness issues

New body to tackle tea industry's future challenges

Unique flavor of Darjeeling tea down to UV rays

India's tea export volumes dwindle in 2012

World Tea East to collocate with foodservice show in Atlanta

India's tea exports drop by 20% in last 6 months

Tea service set sells for record price at auction

European buyers prepared to shell out more for Darjeeling tea

Winners of packaged single-serve tea category announced

India seeks to increase quality and output to meet rising demand

Most black tea producing nations face steep drop in output

United Arab Emirates becomes world's top tea re-exporter

Stagnating volumes and production to hit Russian tea industry

Nepal tea industry faces crisis as Indian ban nears

Interest in premium tea soaring in China

Global RTD tea and coffee market to be worth $125bn by 2017

Research shows Brits like their tea at home

India's tea-auctioning system under scrutiny

Tea prices soar on weak global output

Archeologists discover long tea tradition in North America

Vietnam looking to increase export output and value by 2015

Tea products proven safe after extensive testing in Canada

BoBoQ Taiwanese bubble tea is hot in Europe

Global black tea output takes major hit in 2012

Coffee and tea consumption in the Arab world triples over decade

India to promote its tea during London Olympics

Tea prices to rise on strong demand and weak output, McLeod says

India to create quality controls for exported tea

Taiwan relies on competitions and niche status to stay relevant

Coffee trendier than tea in the UK

Total US tea market tops $27bn according to industry report

Weather continues to plague Assam, output down 20%

Tea holding its ground against coffee in the UK

Darjeeling e-auction delayed by technical glitch

India to offer crop insurance against bad weather

World Tea Expo exhibitor and attendee numbers up

US tea industry readies for annual expo

US tea industry readies for annual expo

Tea trade between China and India on the rise

Future of tea as national beverage still unclear in India

Sri Lanka's exports fall in first quarter of 2012

Tea Championship announces 2012 Iced Tea Class winners

Sri Lanka threatens ban on imports and blending

First-flush Darjeelings hit by weak demand from Europe

Report touts US hot tea sales growth

India's growers shifting to green tea to meet demand

Prices of yerba mate reflect rising inflation in Argentina

Kenya introduces new export levy to stimulate industry

Starbucks and Nestlé fuel rooibos demand

India to declare tea a national beverage

Luxury tea trend threatens farmers in China

World Tea Expo announces Best New Product winners

January tea output almost halved in Assam due to bad weather

China's latest food safety scare revolves around tea

Hawaii seeks speecial status for its tea

Tea production down 20% in Assam as rainless weather continues

India's tea exports dwindling due to geopolitical issues

Brits shun traditional tea for loose leaves and green varieties

Mombasa tea auction to introduce electronic trading

Awards reveal best-tasting hot teas in the US

UK's dwindling tea consumption worries Indian exporters

Largest tea farm in South Africa tries to get back on its feet

World Tea Media shares six tea trends for 2012

New ideas from the Coffee and Tea Festival in NYC

Tea Master demos traditional Japanese ceremony

Green Tea consumption growing fast in India

India's exporters worry as trade sanctions against Iran kick in

Tea output in Assam regains 500 million kilogram mark

Tea Association of USA talks up RTD tea market prospects

India's e-auctions to include teas from Darjeeling

Gourmet tea-to-go missing in India despite huge consumption

Sri Lanka seeks to regain top spot in tea exports

Teapot demand plummets as Brits opt for mugs

Kenya's tea export earnings hit $1.27bn in 2011

Sri Lanka's tea production drops to 328 million kg in 2011

Kombucha going mainstream in NYC thanks to new blends

Tea estates fear bankrupcy after wage hikes in India

Kenyan companies to shed 30% of workforce due to frost damage

India's tea output to generate $5.5bn by 2015

Sri Lanka embarks on international tea marketing campaign

Mombasa tea auction pricing threatened by direct sales

DNA discovery key for Africa's tea industry

Tea scores big in world's most delicious drink rankings

Assam tea growers' economic viability questioned

Assam resorts to drastic measures to improve tea quality

US retail tea industry reaches $6.5bn in sales, grows by 5%

Climate change likely to dramatically impact rooibos production

Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales break records

Assam declares tea State Drink, India may follow suit

Iced tea popularity soaring in US fast food restaurants

Sri Lanka's October output plunges 15% on bad weather

Middle East political turmoil impacts India's exports

Market report points to growth for US tea industry

Tea worker wage dispute settled in India's tea belt

Luxury tea market booming in China

Sugary drinks industry slammed for targeting children and teens

India's tea imports drop 23%

Darjeeling tea region granted EU geographical protection

UK tea drinkers warned about tea price rise

Kenya's tea workers mull strike over living costs

Canadians turning toward Asian flavors, including tea

Record crop to exceed the 1 billion kg mark in India

UK survey points to steep drop in tea consumption among youths

India's tea consumption extected to reach $7.2bn by 2016

Tea output and exports dwindle in Kenya

Assam growers hit by poor connectivity and erratic power supply

Guizhou province looking to become next hot spot for tea

Uganda fears production decline due to global warming

Protesting workers slow down plucking in Sri Lanka

India's tea production rises as exports dip

World Tea Expo readies for first East Coast event

Tea festival spreads knowledge and fun in West Virginia

Sri Lanka debates future of tea industry as headwinds remain

US consumers continue to drink more coffee and tea

South Africa looks to revamp its honeybush industry

Top spring teas named in North American Tea Championship

Kenya approves new purple tea variety for production

Calls for India to declare tea a national drink

Tea shops engulf Southern California

Ugandan tea exporters urge Kenya to remove trade barriers

Boulder celebrates art of tea with festival

Study finds unlisted ingredients in many herbal teas

Kenya expects big drop in output and exports amid drought

Ethnic group gains historic autonomy in Darjeeling

India's tea output to fall short despite good weather

Sri Lanka seeks global industry standard for its tea

WTE attendance remains flat, new event announced on East Coast

Malawi's tea prices slide 13% on quality concerns

Kenya sees tea output drop, exports up

Japan's Shizuoka prefecture urges radiation limit review

Taiwan and China face off in tea competition

Experts question radiation limits as crisis continues in Japan

World Tea Expo kicks off this week with focus on education

Dubai eyes largest tea manufacturing facility

Iced tea market soaring in the US

Sri Lanka plantations strike deal with unions on wages

Japan facing tea shortage after restrictions over radiation

Winners announced in American iced tea awards

Tea must emulate coffee's success - Euromonitor

US celebrates National Iced Tea Month

FDA targets tea health claims again, warns Ten Ren Tea

First signs of radiation in Japanese tea

Kenya's tea industry faces numerous threats

Darjeeling set for a better performance in 2011

New logos for Sri Lanka's ozone-friendly teas

Tea workers continue protest in Nepal after talks fail

US specialty tea market driven by various novel strategies

Tea prices soar in India on global price rises

Best new products named by World Tea Expo

Tea shops spread across Southern California

Darjeeling tea embargo lifted after wage deal

Regular tea shunned by youths, UK market facing decline

Tea industry reaches out to Japan

Tea embargo in Darjeeling may affect prices

Darjeeling first flush teas threatened by plucking ban

Tea finds a new audience in kitchens and bars

South Africa set for low rooibos tea yields

Latest report highlights global tea market growth

Industry insider identifies trends of 2011

India and Kenya face output pressures

Tea output hits record high in Kenya

WTE presents comprehensive program for 2011

Sri Lanka awaits figures on record year

Assam farmers fear weakening tea output and flavor

Sri Lanka seeks intellectual property protection for Ceylon tea

UK measures effects of tea breaks on productivity

Kenya to focus on adding value to its tea

Tea prices expected to rise by 20% in India

India's slice of world tea exports shrinks

Slight growth predicted for Chinese tea exports

Tea output under pressure on weather woes in India

Toronto gears up for Canada's largest trade show

India counts losses in prime region of Darjeeling

Rooibos tea enjoys solid growth in South Africa and abroad

Japanese region getting ready for tea festival

Middle East moving away from Ceylon Tea

Hong Kong seeks global tea trade role

Steep production drop in India's prime tea region

Sri Lanka expects record annual production

Kenya's tea sector struggling against competitors

Assam continues to be plagued by weather, pests

Jan-May exports up nearly 20% in India

Tea bags not fully biodegradable, UK body warns

Kenyan tea set for market diversification, branding

Producing nations must drink more tea - UN

Attendance rockets by 68% at World Tea Expo

Attendance, innovation up at World Tea Expo

Heavy rains damage crops, weigh on output in Assam

World Tea Expo to kick off in Las Vegas

Sri Lanka boasts first Rainforest certified estate

Tea is one of best industries for start-ups

Largest Darjeeling producer warns on output fall

Kenya set for abundant crop and returns

ITC invites Pakistan to join its ranks

Gossainbarie tea estate goes organic

Study reveals a diverse world beverage market

Tea & Coffee World Cup to take place in Vienna

Study highlights organic consumers' mindset

Rainforest Alliance sees robust growth

Weather lifts Assam first flush prospects

Greenopia signles out Honest as greenest drink

Sri Lanka introduces quality certification scheme

US soft drinks market declines - RTD tea grows

February's tea output rockets in Sri Lanka

Kombucha generates buzz at Expo West

Suppliers experiment with takeway tea cups

Africa and Mideast: runners-up in tea consumption

Sri Lanka's tea exports break $1bn mark

Kenayn tea output soars after rainfall

Ethical Tea Partnership and Fairtrade unite

Kenya eclipses Sri Lanka as largest tea exporter

Dubai reports record tea trade in 2009

Lack of rainfall continues to plague India

African tea prices near record highs

Green tea market to eclipse 1.2 million tons

India's tea exports surge in December

Calorie info to become more clear on packs

UK workers fear over their free cuppa

Huge drop in product launches last year

Kenya's exports rise despite falling output

Fancy Food Show brews up several new teas