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US study lauds tea for decreasing risk of cardiovascular events

September 2016

More heartening news

New research offers further proof that moderate consumption of tea may reduce the risk of cardiovascular events. According to data published in the American Journal of Medicine, regular tea drinking may slow the progression of coronary artery calcium, which is associated with a higher incidence of cardiovascular events. Scientists studied the consumption patterns of over 6,500 ethnically diverse people over the course of over 10 years and found that respondents who drank one or more cups of tea per day had a lower prevalence of coronary artery calcium, which is an indicator of future risk of coronary disease. The observational study did not identify the process responsible for its efficacy, but its first author suggested antioxidants found in tea may be responsible in preventing some cardiovascular complications.

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Green tea may strengthen body's main artery

August 2016

More elasticity for the arteries

A new study from Japan found that drinking green tea may be beneficial to the body's main artery and could help prevent its stretching or bloating, also known as abdominal aortic aneurysm. Scientists from Kyoto found that rats that were given green tea polyphenols were less likely to develop the condition. They also experienced less inflammation and more elastin production, making the artery more elastic and less prone to rupture. Abdominal aortic aneurysms eventually rupture and lead to death in 50% of the cases. They are also very hard to detect, since patients do not exhibit any outside symptoms. There are currently no pharmacological treatments for the condition that occurs more than 3 million times in the US each year, making this discovery especially significant.

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EU plans strict probes for health claims

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Rooibos shows cardiovascular benefits

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Black tea may help combat diabetes

Green tea effective against severe sepsis

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Well brewed tea to cut cancer risk

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Green tea may help rheumatoid arthritis patients

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Tea extracts help treat damaged skin from radiation

Japanese study links green tea with longer life

FDA rejects green tea health claims

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