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Study finds white tea slows proliferation of colon cancer cells

January 2015

More anticancer properties

Scientists from Malaysia suggest that white tea demonstrates antioxidant, anticancer and DNA protective effects. A study originating from University of Malaya and published in Food Chemistry investigated the effects of white tea, specifically the premium Silver Needle variety, on the proliferation of colon cancer cell HT-29. In vitro testing found that high flavanoid and quercetin content displayed significant anti-proliferative properties against HT-29 cells, without being toxic to normal fibroblast cells. White tea extract was also found to protect the cell's DNA against oxidative H2O2 damage by up to 65%.

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Tea found to help lower blood pressure

November 2014

Good for the heart

New research suggests that regular tea consumption lowers blood pressure and may help avoid hypertension. A Chinese meta-analysis of 25 randomized controlled trials published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that people who drank tea for more than 12 weeks lowered their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. According to researchers, high blood pressure can damage arteries, the heart, kidneys, eyes and other organs, so even a small decrease may have a meaningful contribution. The analysis also compared the effects of green and black teas and found that green tea showed most significant effects. Flavonoid compounds called catechins are thought to cause the effects, since they are known to improve the health of the inner lining of blood vessels.

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